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The lovely people at Schmetz have put together some great videos explaining sewing machine needles

There are 6 videos in the series:

Needle Basics

Needle Anatomy

How to Read the Needle Package

Needle Selection

Changing the Needle

Needle Q&A session

Don’t forget we’ve also got our useful Understanding Sewing Machine Needles guide for you.

Quilt Direct stocks Schmetz needles and Bernina needles – buy online

Bernina Foot 2V OverlockThe Bernina 2V Overlock Presser is suitable for overlock seams and machine-hemming. It can also be used to sew decorative hems, ribbing and satin stitching on most knits. The stitches are formed over the pin on the inside edge, giving extra thread to each stitch thus producing flexible, flat seams. The overlock pattern foot no. 2 fits the Bernina machine models with CB hook system and a maximum stitch width of 5.5mm. On models with rotary hook system and a maximum stitch width of 9mm presser foot no. 2A must be used.The stitches are formed over the pin, giving more thread to each stitch. The edge will not pucker.

Buy a Bernina 2V Overlock Presser Foot

Bernina Foot 1V The Bernina 1V reverse-pattern foot is an all-purpose foot for straightstitching and ‘open’ decorative stitch patterns. This is a versatile foot, suitable for heavyweight fabrics like denim, wool and corduroy. It is also ideal for various utility and decorative stitch patterns, ribbing and hems. There is an indentation in front of and at the back of the needle opening to facilitate forward and reverse stitching. The reverse pattern foot no. 1 fits the Bernina machine models with CB hook system and a maximum stitch width of 5.5mm. On models with rotary hook system and a maximum stitch width of 9mm presser foot no. 1C must be used. The indentation in front and behind the needle opening allows for forward and reverse stitching.

Buy a Bernina 1V Reverse Pattern Presser Foot


The Bernina Zig Zag Presser Foot 0V is an all-purpose presser foot suitable for various utility and decorative stitch patterns, particularly for straight or zig zag stitching. It can be used together with all needle types and for embroidery and leather projects.

This presser foot is great for sewing with straight stitch, zig zag and all forward feed stiches. The sole of the foot is flat in front of the needle, providing additional fabric control. This zig zag presser foot is especially useful to reduce flagging in fine fabrics, promoting perfect stitch formation. This zig zag foot is also suitable for gathering, shell-hemming and sewing-on stretchable fabrics.

Buy a Bernina Zig Zag Presser Foot 0V

Seeing something being done is often so much more useful that just reading about it – especially if you’re a quilter.

There are so many fantastic quilting videos out there – instructions, handy hints, patterns, advice on machines – just about everything you could ever want to know. The tricky bit is finding them!

Quilt Direct have decided to catalogue all the videos we find into helpful groupings that will, hopefully, make things easier for you to find the quilting help you need.

We’ve added playlists to our youtube page, and we’ll be updating them whenever we come across a video we think you might like.

Our current playlists are:

Bernina Sewing Machine videos

6573789A list of useful videos ranging from simply how to clean your Bernina, comprehensive guides on using the variety of sewing machine feet and other great features in Bernina machines, and even a few to help you when things go wrong.

AccuQuilt GO! videos

accuquiltWe’ll be adding more playlists, so please get in touch if you have anything that you think may be useful to add. Just don’t forget to keep quilting – it’s easy to end up watching videos and forgetting to quilt!

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