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Liz's Mercantile Novel

Liz's Mercantile Novel

Liz's Mercantile Book
A Novel
by Jodi Barrows

In our first book Leaving Riverton, Lucas Mailly and his four granddaughters leave their beloved Riverton home in Louisiana to venture west. Lucas decides he must sell the family timber mill before it is too late. The political unrest of the Civil War is growing in the South.
In 1856 Fort Worth, Texas in an abandoned military post located along the Trinity River. These women, with social grace and manners, make themselves at home and begin to vicilize the frontier with churches and schools. They make friends and prove themselves to be capable frontier women in the community. The Mailly Mercantile is run by the widow Elizabeth Bromont, the eldest of the granddaughters. In this story she must continue to protect her family. She is faced with a tough decision that will affect them all and possibly has chosen the wrong answer. The quilt, Liz's Gift, plays a large roll in that decision. The hardships of the West brings heartache in numerous ways for the Milly granddaughters.

Jodi Barrows pieces her love of quilting and the American West into this novel line a fine patchwork quilt. Each character has a quilt stitched into the story uniquely for them. Jodi has drawn from her own family's history to create a story founded in many truths.


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