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Bernina S-590 Sewing Machine

SPECIAL OFFER includes free embroidery module worth £1,000. Offer valid until 31 August 2018.

Bernina New 590 Sewing Machine


Meet the machine designed to handle all your sewing projects to perfection. Whatever you wish to sew or embellish the long free arm to the right of the needle, high quality colour screen, 16 led lights and dual feed will help achieve the finest results. The BERNINA 590 puts a wide range of stitches at your disposal. With 1774 stitches in all, you've got a generous selection from which to choose - and all stitches can be sewn up to a width of 9 mm, which is particularly attractive for embellishment. In addition, 7 alphabets are at your fingertips. Using the memory function, it's a cinch to permanently save your customized stitches.

Why not try the Bernina 590 simulator? You can comfortably try the many features of the BERNINA 590 on your own Windows PC screen, the Simulator is 12MB in size

Click here to download Bernina 590 Simulator...

Click here for a video introducing the Bernina 590...

Intuitive operation via the high-resolution touchscreen

The BERNINA 590 boasts a large bright touchscreen 4½" (10cm) affording quick access to its wide range of features and functions. Large descriptive icons ensure easy access to the desired BERNINA 590 function. The intuitive touchscreen allows for efficient operation of the BERNINA 590, the Creative Consultant and Tutorial icons making constant look-up in the manual unnecessary and allowing even fairly inexperienced sewers to switch quickly between the different stitches, stitch patterns, and functions of the BERNINA 590.

Memory function for your own creative ideas

Thanks to the individual setting options of the BERNINA 590, stitches can be altered or combined in a wide variety of ways to suit your personal preference. With the BERNINA 590's intelligent memory function, these individual stitches, stitch patterns and stitch combinations remain set even after you turn off your machine, and are immediately available again the next time you turn the machine on. The generous memory provides the capacity for a large number of personal stitch combinations, letting you adapt the BERNINA 590's library of stitches completely to your individual requirements. Impressive options that will enable and spark your creativity!

Combining lettering and or stitches is very easy. See step by step how to combine the letters from one of 8 alphabets with a choice from 1772 stitch patterns, you can adjust the length and width of the pattern, use the mirror functions and the memory function and have them stitched out automatically as well as save for later, working with decorative stitches is very easy and rewarding. the Bernina BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator) regulates your stitch length when free motion quilting or embroidering in stright or zig zag stitching.

With 275 embroidery designs already built into the BERNINA 590's software, if you progress to the embroidery module you'll have immediate access to a wide range of attractive designs for ambitious embroidery projects, which you can easily and quickly select via the touchscreen. The BERNINA 590's embroidery top of the range functionality lets you modify embroidery motifs in any way you want and with the latest features including pin point placement, endless embroidery. Please see the 590E for further information.

When you purchase your Bernina machine from Quilt Direct we want you to enjoy your new machine and fulfil your creativity. We offer personal tuition here in Devon and can even help arrange accommodation for you too. Located on Dartmoor there are facilities for walking, cycling, fishing & golf nearby so partners and family are welcomed too as are well behaved canines! We offer up to 1 days free tuition with the 590.*
Bernina in London also offers free tuition days at their London Tuition Centre, these are small classes and your own model of machine is provided for use on the day.

Please note that to qualify for free tuition you must take your course within a year of purchasing your machine.

Stitch Package: 1774
38 Practical, 18 Buttonhole, 2 Eyelet, 500 Decorative, 59 Quilting, 40 Cross Stitch, 9 Alphabets, Sew on Button Program, Darning Programs

Presser Feet: 8
Reverse Pattern Foot 1C (9mm)
Reverse Pattern Foot 1D (9mm)
Overlock Foot 2A
Automatic Buttonhole Foot 3A
Zipper Foot 4D
Blind Hem Foot 5V
Open Toe Embroidery Foot 20C (9mm)
BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR) with 3 Soles

Instruction Manual
Instructional Presentation DVD with Simulator
Slide-on Table & Seam Guide
Free Hand System (Knee Lift)
Soft Carrying Case
New Style Accessory Wardrobe
5 Bobbins
1 Pack Asstd Needles
Height Compensation Tool
Seam Guide Right
Seam Ripper
Small Screwdriver
Angular Torx Tool
3 Spool Retainers
2 Foam Pads
Lint brush
Touch Screen Pen

Bernina Machines sold in the UK currently have a full 7 year warranty on the whole machine.

To qualify for the extended warranty you need to register the purchase of your machine by returning the completed warranty card to us to sign. We will then arrange for a certificate of extended warranty to be sent to you from Bogod Co.
In order to comply with the extended warranty you will need to maintain the machine and have it serviced within recommended periods. All Bernina sewing machines have electronic stitch counters*, which give an on screen message when it is necessary to have a service. However, even if a machine is only used occasionally and the stitch count for a service is not reached, it is still necessary to have the sewing machine serviced a minimum of every 3 years.

The extended warranty applies for normal domestic use only - not educational or commercial use - and to the first purchaser only.

*Except the 1008S

Upgrade your Bernina 590 with these Additonal Extras

Upgrade your Bernina 590 with these Additonal Extras

Upgrade your Bernina 590 with these Additonal Extras

Bernina Foot BF50V Three Sole Walking Foot with Seam Guide

Bernina Foot BF50V Three Sole Walking Foot with Seam Guide


Bernina Foot 50V
Walking Foot
Three Soles & Seam Guide Simply a must for all machine quilters. Included are three changeable soles, one for straight stitch, an open toe version for decorative stitch quilting and the wonderful 'in the ditch' sole.

Click Here for a Video

Bernina Foot 97C

Bernina Foot 97C ¼" Patchwork 9mm


The BERNINA Patchwork Foot BF97 is designed for straight-stitching and is ideal for sewing ¼" or 1/8" seam allowances and top stitching. It is available for machines that have a maximum stitch width of 9mm. The foot print of the sole fits perfectly with the feeding system for the most accurate feeding and stitching when piecing patchwork blocks on a 9mm machine.

Included with Patchwork Foot #97, the move-able seam guide is separate from the foot and is attached to the sewing bed of the machine. Use to aid in sewing perfectly straight ¼" seams; epecially helpful for beginners, this guide also offers extra insurance to experienced piecers.

The Straight Stitch Plate is recommended to be used in conjunction with the Patchwork Foot.
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