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Bernina Q24 Longarm Quilting Machine with Frame Model

Bernina's first Longarm quilting machine features a full 24" 61cm of quilting space from the needle to the back of the machine. The unique threading path, thread stand, handwheel and machine controls are all located at the front of the machine right where you need them. The Q24 frames have ample room for your largest dreams as it will accommodate a quilt up to 120" 3.05m on the large, 108" 2.75m on the classic and 70" 1.8m on the small frame.

Computer-aided quilting with the BERNINA Q-matic software is possible on the Large and Classic frames.

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Please contact us directly if you would like to arrange a visit to our Studio to test drive the Q20 Sit Down or Q24 Frame.

Bernina Q24 Longarm Quilting Machine

Bernina's first longarm quilting machine features a full 24" 60cm of quilting space from the needle to the back of the machine. The unique threading path thread stand handwheel and machine controls are all located in the front of the machine, right where you need them.

4m (13' 6") max quilting width 3.05m (10') max leader width 3.36m (11')
3.6m (12') max quilting width 2.75m (9') max leader width 3.07m (10')
& 2.75m (9'). max quilting width 1.8m (5'10"') max leader width 2.21m (7')

Computer-aided quilting with the BERNINA Q-matic software is possible on the Large and Classic frames.

BERNINA Longarm Stitch Regulation

Master hand-guided quilting quickly with the assistance of the integrated BERNINA Stitch Regulator. The BERNINA Longarm Stitch Regulator is simple to activate and simple to customize using the machine’s touch screen. Set the stitch length as preferred for a variety of quilting styles. The BERNINA Longarm Stitch Regulator keeps the stitch length consistent even at variable stitching speeds. Choose between three stitch regulation modes, including a basting mode or a fully manual mode.

Unique user interface

BERNINA brings the best of the domestic machine world to the longarm world with a simple to navigate, colour touch screen. Totally customizable, it includes useful functionalities like a stitch counter and built-in tutorial.

Unique threading path and integrated bobbin winder

The forward position of the thread stand is easy to reach and the threading path simple to follow. The integrated bobbin winder is just one of the small details that make this machine unique.

Unique ergonomics

The unique and fully articulating handles can be moved to just the right position for all of your quilting needs. Whether stitching edge-to-edge, custom motifs or ruler work the handles can be adjusted for visibility and comfort. Program each of the buttons on each handle to keep frequently used functions at your fingertips. Edge-to-edge/pantograph style quilt designs can be easily guided with the optional rear handle system and screen.

Unique tension control

The BERNINA Longarm models offer the industry’s only presser foot tension release for threading ease. The exclusive tension system features numeric tension settings making it very easy to use a variety of thread types with success.


With 2,200 stitches per minute for hand-guided quilting, you will complete more quilts more quickly than ever.

LED lighting

LED lighting along the length of the machine and above the needle illuminates the quilt for enhanced visibility.

Presser Feet: 1

Darning Foot 9V


Instruction Manual
Instructional Presentation DVD
Accessory Box
2 Front Handles
Thread Lubrication kit & Silicon Oil
6 Bobbins
Bobbin Thread Tension Gauge
1 Pack Needles
Seam Ripper
Torx Screw Driver
2 Spool Retainers
Vertical Thread Holder
2 Cone Holders
Lint brush
Large Spool Net (white)
Small Spool Net (red)
Manual Needle Threader
Small Screwdriver
Torx Screw Drivers T6, T10, T20, T25, T30
Cleaning Cloth

A complimentary day's tuition with an experienced tutor is included with the purchase of a Q24 machine, this can be from our Studio in Devon on our Demo Q24 or on your new machine in your own home either via video link or personal visit from one of our long arm tutors.

Bernina Q series Machines sold in the UK have a full 2 year warranty on the whole machine or 50 million stitches.
In order to comply with the warranty you will need to maintain the machine and have it serviced within recommended periods. Bernina Q series quilting machines have electronic stitch counters which give and on screen message when it is necessary to have a service. However, even if a machine is only used occasionally and the stitch count for a service is not reached, it is still necessary to have the sewing machine serviced a minimum of every 3 years.

The Bernina Q24 is a special order and can take up to 6 weeks for delivery. We suggest you contact us prior to ordering so we can confirm availability.

Delivery is included in the cost of the Q24 for mainland UK The machine will be delivered by a specialist courrier prior to set up of the machine by us. (travel charges out side the South West England may apply)

Please note that you will need a large enough foot plate around the machine and height to access the Q24 front and rear. At times you will need to remove the take up bar (as well as on installation) so please ensure there is enough room to manoeuvre!( a door or window can often be used!) The depth of the frame is approximately 4ft. 122cm., the length depends on the model. All models require head space for working of 60"-72" x 4ft 152cm -183cm x 122cm depending on your working height and please allow sufficient working space in front and behind the frame.
Upgrade your Bernina Q24 with these Additonal Extras

Needlepoint Laser for Q series


Mechanical Channel Locks for the Q Series


Pantograph Kit for the Q24


Ruler Work Kit for the Q24 Platform, 96V & Ruler


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