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Bernina Foot 54V Teflon Zip

Bernina Foot 54V Teflon Zip

Zipper insertion is made easy with this especially designed foot. You can also use Foot#54 for making and attaching pipings, welting and attaching snap tape.
It features an added bar across the top of the foot which serves as a guide. Owing to its wavy shape, this adjustable guide rides right over the coils of the zipper. The result is a neat, evenly inserted zipper.

Note: This foot requires that the "far left" or "far right" needle positions be used.

The non-stick coating on the sole of the foot glides easily over difficult fabric, eliminating any drag of the foot moving across the surface
Ideal for sewing leather, plastic, vinyl etc.
Applications for this foot include sewing rainwear, luggage, tote bags, toys, home furnishings and garments

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