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Blue Feather MyPad Machine Needle Organiser

Blue Feather MyPad Machine Needle Organiser

What do you do with those lightly used sewing machine needles? Needles that are still sewing worthy? Return them to the original needle pack with a black mark indicating the needle has been lightly used? Place the needle in a sectioned-off pin cushion indicating needle type and size? Toss the needle in a nearby dish thinking “I will remember the needle type and size? Hmmmmm, do these scenarios sound familiar? Yep, been there and now . . . have the answer:
Here’s the cool thing about myPad, not only can you organize your lightly used needles by type and size, but use the white flower head pin to identify the needle currently in your sewing machine. For twin needles, just label the size and type, then place in the lower right corner.


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