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GO! Home Embroidery Design CD by Marjorie Busby

GO! Home Embroidery Design CD by Marjorie Busby

This machine embroidery appliqué set is designed to be used with the Accuquilt GO! Home die designed by Stacy Michell (55379).

The embroidery for this designer die is created to enhance the original design of Stacy Michell for machine embroidery for using this die in many different types of projects. This design set includes 22 different designs with four different appliqué edges. There are four block designs, and 18 individual elements that include individual houses, hearts, trees, and suns. These designs can be merged to create many additional block designs. The block designs require a hoop at least 150 x 160 mm and the individual houses require a hoop of at least 120 x 120 mm.

With the Accuquilt GO! Cutter, these designs, and your creativity, you will make projects and quilts that are not only beautiful, but will stand up to the wear and tear of fun and functional creations. These designs are made with stitching that is smooth and soft enough to be quilted by hand or machine.

Designs Include:
22 different designs (4 block designs, 18 individual element designs) and four different appliqué edges.
Appliqué stitches include appliqué stitch, redwork stitch, zigzag stitch, and free-form appliqué stitch.

Hoop Size:
House blocks = 150 x 160 mm (6" x 7")
House only = 120 x 120 mm (5" x 5")
Large Tree = 50 x 130 mm (2" x 5")
Small Tree = 50 x 100 mm (2" x 4")
Sun = 60 x 60 mm (2½" x 2½")
Heart = 50 x 40 mm (2" x 1½")


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