At last the much anticipated presser foot for ruler quilting on Bernina sewing machines.

No longer only available to Long Arm Quilting Machines, the new Ruler Foot 72 can be used on any of the ‘New Style’ Bernina Machines.

Key features of the new Bernina #72 Ruler Foot are:

Height adjustable for different fabric depths and no ‘hopper’ effect

Excellent view of needle at the point where it pierces the fabric with several useful markings to align with the ruler

Robust construction for support of the rulers
A special spring to prevent damage to the needlebar

For use with ¼” deep rulers

Compatible with all new style BERNINA models from the 125 up to and including the 880

* Use with a straight stitch needleplate (recommended)


Buy a Bernina Ruler Foot 72 from Quilt Direct

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